About ALRITE Autism Centre Malaysia

ALRITE Autism Centre

We will lead you through the journey of AUTISM

ALRITE PLAY AND ACHIEVEMENT CENTRE SDN BHD was established in December 2012 in Subang Jaya, Malaysia with the aim of building inspiring future for the lives touched by autism. ALRITE believes children with autism can be educated and the team holds great honor to empower  differently able children.

Our Founder

ALRITE was founded by Ms. Mishantini whom had great passion to serve and work with children who are differently able. Her passion and drive towards making a difference in the lives touched by Autism came to an enlightenment when the opportunity arises to establish ALRITE. Incredible milestones were encountered along the way when she began the new chapter. An amazing learning space was created to accommodate children under the spectrum. The founder has worked on creating awareness and delivering excellent service for children and families touched by Autism.

Vision & Mission

ALRITE AUTISM CENTRE SDN BHD’s vision is to deliver holistic and innovative treatment service for children in the Autism spectrum. We deliver to the commitment by striving to tap their potential and assist families touched by Autism to create values and make the difference to perceive the diagnosis with hope and future. ALRITE leads with the vision to create highly valued and attractive ambience with innovative treatment equipment and effective and predominant treatment plan based on the current research.  ALRITE is dedicated to provide employees with a proactive management approach to make them feel welcomed, valued and productive.

Our Learning Environment

ALRITE is a positive, friendly, safe and enriching centre that brings out the best in children with autism. We provide stimulating and quality therapy services to help each child to reach their full potential. It’s great to see young learners progressing and achieving their best.

Our Approach

We feature a simple, positive, systematic, creative and play based approach in our intervention programmes. At ALRITE, we believe in making learning and teaching the way the child needs most. Every child learns differently and we prepare our self in teaching them the way they learn. We experience the most remarkable achievements in what we believe and follow.  Children with autism have amazing potential and we are here tap their potential. ALRITE substantially recognized remarkable progress in the intervention process through the cooperation and involvement of parents. We work closely with parents by providing strategies and hands on method and skills to extend a successful home-based programme.

We focus on communication and socialization skills

This is the primary part of our programme before moving on to academic performance.

We have a child friendly ambience

Great therapeutic materials where learning becomes fun and inspiring.

We give priority to self-help skills

To encourage children with autism to be functionally competent within a community and acquire independence in daily living skills.

We team up with parents

We assist them with rewarding and exciting experience to conduct at home for their child’s maximum benefit.

Screening & Evaluation

Developmental Screening

Developmental screening will be conducted by our Clinical Psychologist to assess the milestones of a child. It is a 90 minutes session which includes interaction with child and questionnaire session with parents. The screening will be presented with a written report comprising the child’s development level, strength and needs. Additional screening may be needed if a child is at high risk for development delays.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

ALRITE conducts a comprehensive evidence based Diagnostic Evaluation service for children with ASD. The assessment process includes a formal observation using ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, a formal comprehensive interview session with parents using ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised), comprehensive report within 3 – 4 weeks and suggestions and recommendation on intervention services.