What is Autism?

Autism is known as neurological disorder that impacts a child’s ability to communicate and socialize. It is characterized by

  • difficulties in development of social relationship
  • impaired imagination skills
  • repetitive actions and thought
  • difficulty in transition
  • language related difficulties
  • lack of eye contact
  • rote memory
  • laser beam attention
  • visual learner
  • obsession
  • marked by narrow interest
Autism - ALRITE Autism Centre in Malaysia
Puan Siti

"What a great achievement and bravo to the team for making ALRITE such a conducive place for special kids. You guys are awesome."

Ms. Suhana

"I really want to express my deepest gratitude for the effort and support provided by ALRITE. This centre has given life changing opportunity for Joey. Joey has made remarkable improvement in many ways. He can listen and understand instruction and has become very responsive. His behaviour and emotion are better controlled. His social interaction has improved as well. He was a non-verbal child but now is able to make 3-5 words in a sentence."

Hear what others say about us

Why Us? - ALRITE Autism
Ms. Harwin

“Thaniska has improved a lot with the support given by ALRITE. Thank you so much”

Mr. Andrew

"Maya has made huge leaps forward over the last 18 months. Thank you to the team! I am so grateful that Maya is at ALRITE. Some of the key areas that ALRITE has helped Maya with are: walking independently, development of curiosity and want to learn, imaginative play, independent thinking, development of independent and group play, developing interpersonal relationships, emotional development, cognitive learning and development, and fine motor skills."

We focus on communication and social skills

These are the primary parts of our programme before moving on to academic performance. We have an array of interesting and creative social and communication curriculum.

We have a child friendly ambience

Great therapeutic materials where learning becomes fun and inspiring.

What makes us DIFFERENT?

Why Us? - ALRITE Autism
We give priority to self-help skills

To encourage children with autism to be functionally competent within a community and acquire independence in daily living skills.

We team up with parents

We make positive difference in their challenging journey with Autism. We assist them with rewarding and exciting experience to conduct at home for their child’s maximum benefit.


ALRITE Autism Centre’s vision is to deliver holistic and innovative treatment service for children in the Autism spectrum .


We create highly valued and attractive ambience with innovative treatment equipment and effective and predominant treatment plan based on the current research. ALRITE is dedicated to provide employees with a proactive management approach to make them feel welcome, valued and productive.