Centre Based Autism Programme

CLAPSS (Communication Language Academic Play and Social Skills) is specifically designed to address social skills, school readiness, cognitive, pre-vocational and self-help needs for children with autism. Children challenged by autism exhibit difficulties in communication and social skills. The impairment in reciprocal social interaction leads to unexpected social roles and socially aloof characteristics. CLAPSS assist children with severe communication needs to develop and practise social roles, learning, listening, attention, responding, compliance, expressive, receptive and play skills. Our therapists work to enhance child's cognitive ability in the area of language, communication, mathematics, fine motor and functional academic. At ALRITE, we believe in making learning and teaching the way the child needs most. Every child learns differently and we prepare ourselves to teach them the way they learn. We experience remarkable results in what we believe and follow.



Increase Cognitive Ability

ALRITE offers an excellent programme to develop cognitive skills for children with autism. The curriculum comprises activities which will increase the child's cognitive ability. The holistic approach of the curriculum are play based and therapeutic. Child will be trained extensively on skills to learn before progressing to the academic subjects. The learning experience emphasises on basic and important skills needed for concept understanding and analysis. Our team believes that each child is born with incredible potential and we are here to tap the potential within them. Each child is an unique learner.

Increase Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills include the fundamental development of eye-hand coordination, bilateral co-ordination, finger and thumb isolation, reaching, grasping and hand arches which enable children to be competent in daily living skills and academic performance. The development of fine motor skills determines the maturity of the neurological system. Children with autism exhibit notable difficulties and delays in fine motor skills. Research suggests motor related difficulties are likely to affect social communication, language and daily living skills. We guide children with wide variety of fun activities to strengthen their fine motor skills. Children are exposed to manipulative, sensorial and therapeutic materials which incorporates with creative and fun curriculum. Our fine motor skills curriculum helps children to improve eye hand coordination, writing skills, bilateral coordination, develops dexterity, improves academic performance, play skills and communication skills.

Increase Communication Skills

The Communication Skills Programme at ALRITE provides an opportunity for young children with Autism to enhance communication abilities using the Augmentative and  Alternative Communication (AAC), PECS and The Star Programme. The intervention strategies focus on techniques to facilitate communication skills to enable children with autism to express their needs, desires and increase language competency.

Develop Self-help Skills

Children with Autism who have received prevocational training will be functionally competent within a community. ALRITE's pre-vocational and self-help training offers an array of skills essential for functional routine and life skills. We focus on skills necessary for independent living and develop age appropriate programmes for children from age 4-12. Classes are conducted in a one-to-one setting or group sessions.

Alrite autism

Social Skills Programme

The Social Skills Programme at ALRITE provides an opportunity for young children with autism to build their competency in social skills. The ultimate goal of the programme is to empower children to enhance their social skills which have an immerse contribution to their quality of life. The programme will help children to improve eye contact, turn taking skills, waiting skills, perspective taking, sharing, conversational skills, following direction, interaction, friendship and dealing with stress and anxiety.

LEARN & TEACH: Home-Based Programme

LEARN & TEACH is a special interactive programme for parents who have children with autism. We develop programmes for parents to conduct at a home-based setting. A comprehensive programme will be developed based on the child's needs and an intensive training will be extended to parents based on the IEP goal. We work closely with parents to ensure coordinated and coherent approaches are implemented for the progress of the child.

After School Programme

After-School Programme engages children in fun and enriching activites to develop their potential

Programme component:

  • Life skills
  • Homework
  • Computer class
  • Origami class
  • Physical exercise
  • Cooking class
  • Sensory play
  • Physical exercise